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A Premier Southern Scouts Event                             
DIXIE REGIONALS - International Harvester Light Line Show, Charlotte NC.  Southern Scouts founded the show in 1997 and has continued to host it annually since its conception. The Dixie Regionals is a small part of the very large annual spring Charlotte Autofair. This show brings in nearly 100,000 people over the three day show (Friday, Saturday, Sunday), Saturday being the largest attendance at the Dixie Regionals.

People usually start to roll into town on Friday afternoon and meet at the Dixie Regionals lot and all go to dinner in the area. Saturday everyone shows up in the early morning, park their IH's together in the Dixie Regionals lot, and the fun begins!

At the lot, people talk shop, exchange stories, buy, sell and trade parts, and pick up parts from IH vendors. During the day, a majority of the people go into the Charlotte Autofair to view the thousands of cars, trucks, and everything related. Inside the Autofair you can get food, view anything from mint restorations to stock cars, and of course buy used, new, and anything else auto related.

Judging is on Saturday, followed by a barbecue & charity auction. Sunday we give out awards around noon & let folks get on their way before it gets too late. Our Best of Show winner gets to compete inside the speedway for the Auto Fair Best of Show & at IH Nationals for the Grand National Award. The winning vehicle is also featured on Southern Scouts next year's show shirt.       
People of all ages are welcome to the show, and you don't need to bring anything IH, just an interest in anything IH. If you want to get some exercise you can walk for miles within the Speedway. if you don't, just hang out at the Dixie Regionals lot and enjoy good conversation and the old IH iron. 

The Dixie Regionals - arrangements, registration and accommodations posted yearly
Info/Arrangements for the upcoming Dixie Regionals is posted on our website each year, including:                  
                 Pre-registration: registration form + pre-registration entry fee (judged / non-judged) 
                 On-site registration: registration form + on-site registration fee (judged / non-judged)

The Dixie Regionals Show Field
Show your IH! 
Thousands of AutoFair visitors pass through the Dixie Regionals lot admiring the grand array of IH classics.
The Show Field displays both judged and non-judged vehicle entries.

Judged entries should be on-site from at least 10:00 am - 4:00 pm on Saturday.
The Dixie Regionals Awards Ceremony (and the Awards Group Photo!) takes place Sunday morning.
Best of Show participates/competes in the AutoFair Best of Shows Parade and Ceremony Sunday at 2:00.

What will the judges be looking for when they look over your IH?

             Dixie Regionals Judging CriterIa
                    - Categories reviewed by Judges, 2/22/10

                               Exterior Appearance:
                                      1.	Body:  fit of all panels, hood, quarter panels
                                      2.	Body:  lack of damage or evidence of repair
                                      3.	Body:  cleanliness & paint condition
                                      4.	Body:  Finish: polish and luster
                                      5.	Exterior:  Chrome: polish & condition
                                      6.	Glass:  condition & appearance
                                      7.	Top:  condition & appearance
                                      8.	Wheels:  condition and appearance
                                      9.	Tires:  condition and appearance
                                    10.	Undercarriage:  includes suspension

                            Interior Appearance:
                                      1.	Seats:  condition and appearance
                                      2.	Dash covering, sun visors, headliner
                                      3.	Carpeting/Floor Mats
                                      4.	General Interior:  instruments, jams, knobs
                                      5.	Cargo Area: includes rubber trim

                           Engine & Compartment:
                                      1.	Underside of hood:  insulation, striping, etc.
                                      2.	Engine:  cleanliness, paint, manifold, hoses
                                      3.	Compartment: cleanliness, paint, radiator
                                      4.	Electrical:  harness, wiring neatness, general condition

April 2019 - The 23rd Annual Dixie Regionals    

1997:   > The First Dixie Regionals - DIXIE DOINGS, September 1997

History of Dixie Regionals 
(excerpts tracking the history of Dixie Regionals are included on the webpage: History of Southern Scouts)

1997-2000, 2004, 2008-2018   


    Dixie Regionals BEST OF SHOW featured on Commemorative Designs 2000-2018

2018: 22nd Annual Dixie Regionals
2017: 21st Annual Dixie Regionals
2016: 20th Annual Dixie Regionals  
          The Dixie Regionals Event 20th Anniversary                               
2015: 19th Annual Dixie Regionals
2014: 18th Annual Dixie Regionals                                     
2013: 17th Annual Dixie Regionals
2012: 16th Annual Dixie Regionals