Remembering Our Friend

Betsy Blume

1964 - 2017

Celebrating Betsy Blume 
and her passion that ‘The Scout Legacy Lives On...’
from Southern Scouts photo collection 2009-2014
Dixie Regionals & IH Nationals

Betsy and her mother, Donna, launched the offer of their Scout Legacy T-Shirt at the 2009 IH Nationals in Springfield, Ohio. The design concept honored the visionary creator of the Scout, Ted Ornas, her grandfather, who passed away in March of 2009. The sale of these shirts benefited the Alzheimer’s Association as a tribute to Ted’s wife, Esther, who passed away with the disease in August of 2009.

Joe Gray modeled the Scout Legacy T-Shirt while Donna and Betsy enjoyed taking the wheel of Danny Glover’s 1964 Scout Model 80, a First Generation Scout produced by International Harvester from their Father/Grandfather’s famous kitchen table sketch.

Nationals 2009

Nationals 2010

The Legacy Series was launched with the offering of a new t-shirt design featuring Ted Ornas’ 1961 patent for the First Generation Scout and the famous Kitchen Table Sketch offered as a professionally framed custom reprint, with all proceeds benefiting the Alzheimer’s Association.

Freedom, Therapy Companion, joined the family at Nationals.

Donna and Betsy displaying the professionally framed reprint, the 2009 Scout Legacy T-Shirt and the 2010 Legacy Series T-Shirt.

Dixie Regionals 2011

At the 15th Annual Dixie Regionals held at the Charlotte Autofair in April, 2011, Betsy introduced her first hat design, an embroidered design featuring her grandfather’s 1961 Scout 80 patent on the front and his renowned signature on the side. The special design marked the 50th Anniversary of the first Scout, the 1961 IH Scout 80.

Betsy unveiled her newest creation: ‘From Paper to Metal’ No. 2 and donated this unique visual tribute to her grandfather to the 2011 Dixie Regionals charity auction. Betsy’s graphic overlay on canvas featured her grandfather’s treasured toy sized model of a Scout 80 and his famous kitchen table sketch.  ‘From Paper to Metal’ No. 1 was designated to be donated to the IH Nationals charity auction in Springfield, Sept 2011.

Donna with Freedom

50th Anniversary Hats

were seen popping up all over Dixie Regionals.

Jeff won the bidding war for

‘From Paper to Metal’ at the charity auction.

Stephen Keith, President of Southern Scouts,

presenting Donna and Betsy with a

2011 50th Celebration IH Anniversary Platter.

(hand crafted by Susan Glover)

Welcome to Southern Scouts!

In celebration of their dedication to preserving

The Scout Legacy of Ted Ornas,

Southern Scouts awarded Honorary Membership

to Donna, beloved daughter, and Betsy, beloved granddaughter.

Ted Ornas autographed a Scout in 2005

Betsy and Donna autographed a Scout in 2010